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Who Qualifies to be Recruited in Australian Air Force or Navy?

Serving one’s country in any capacity is indeed a great call since it requires thorough commitment to service. Many Australians that have had the opportunity to be part of the Australian Forces admit that so far, being part of the squad that is willing to defend its borders whatever it takes shows true patriotism. However, very few people are aware of the latest Australian Air Force Requirements and may have stayed away.

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As a matter of fact, each job has specifications or requirements. Any person willing to serve the country in various capacities, and especially the air force must be conversant with current Australian Air Force requirements before submitting name for consideration. Below are qualifications for an Air Force officer: Click here Defence Ready


Officers interested in working at the air force are trained to take leadership roles. This means that they are taught management skills and how to handle other officers working under them.

Who Qualifies?

School leavers, qualified professionals, graduates and undergraduates all qualify for training. Each individual course or role has a given duration, though some need at least a minimum of two years to complete.


There were times when only males got recruited into certain security roles. Things have however changed and at the moment even ladies get recruited into the forces.


The Australian Forces has positions for younger individuals. After getting acquainted with the latest Australian Air Force requirements, an individual below 18 years can now apply for consideration.

Twelve year olds have an opportunity to pursue a career at the defense forces. Good news is even students just 15 years old are eligible to apply. So long as one meets the set requirements.


One must be an Australian citizen to be recruited. Permanent residents are also allowed to apply so long as there is proof of having started application for citizenship. Air Force requirements in Australia can be a simple process if an individual has all the relevant documents such as a birth certificate, a valid Australian passport or a citizenship certificate.

Fitness and Health

To be able to work for the Australian Air Force, an applicant has to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. To determine this, all applicants are subjected to a mandatory fitness test. Every recruit must pass this test since the officers are expected to adopt the ‘staying healthy and fit’ lifestyle.

Appearance and Behavior

All recruits are expected to be well behaved towards their seniors as well as other officers. Everyone must also comply with cleanliness standards set by the guidelines for officers. Each individual is also expected to be properly groomed.

Some people may wish to work in the navy. Navy requirements Australia offers recruits are almost similar to that of the Air force with just a few adjustments in training.

During recruitment, navy recruits are also required to have received a 10 year education from credible institutions. Before an individual decides that the navy is the best choice, it is important to familiarize one’s-self with all Navy requirements in Australia to avoid uncertainty. It is patriotic to work for the forces in one’s country so long as the right choice is made.

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