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Help Loved Ones Make Informed Choices about Aged Care

With the growing population of elderly Australians, more and more families are at loss on providing them with appropriate care.

While the Federal Government seeks to alleviate these concerns by providing families with assistance, deciding where to place the older population is still an issue. Will they be better off in a residential aged care facility? Or, will they thrive better in a familiar environment through home care solutions?

If you are facing the same dilemma deciding between in-home Keilor East aged care or permanent care Maidstone facilities offer, then you have come to the right page.

What Is Residential Care?

Residential care provides a home-like setting for your senior loved ones. This is more like a controlled environment where seniors can live in a community. This will allow them to socialise with other seniors. They will also be given regular meals, assistance with daily living, as well as round-the-clock medical care.

Below are the advantages of residential care for your loved ones:

  • Offer Access to Round-the-Clock Care — Keilor East aged care, for example, allows residents to take advantage of round-the-clock care from qualified team members, like nurses and visiting professionals. Because of this, residents who are highly dependent are given quality care.
  • Address Social Needs of Residents — Since most residential care facilities offer programmes that promote socialisation, there are fewer chances of the elderly being isolated. Activities, like outings and excursions, keep residents energetic and socially engaged. Residents with limited mobility are given flexible means to socialise with fellow residents.
  • Provides Secure and Safe Environment for Residents — No need to worry about your loved one’s safety. This is provided for by the residential care facility. They have safety standards that minimise the risk of falls and other accidents. No need to worry about who will make their beds or who will feed them. These are all taken care of by team members.
  • Gives Peace of Mind for Family Members — Personal and medical care is available 24/7 in aged care Avondale Heights and other locations offer. This will give you peace of mind knowing that seniors are in good hands. In case they are prone to wandering or accidents, a fail-proof security system in place minimise the occurrence of such incidents.

Such facilities also offer respite care Maidstone has for the benefit of caregivers.

With the many benefits of residential care facilities for your ageing loved ones, there are also downsides that you have to consider. See more at Arcare

  • The Cost — The cost of residential care is more expensive than home care because of 24/7 care provided to your loved ones. Each resident should pay a basic daily fee on top of other fees.
  • Feeling of Rejection from Family — There are seniors who would feel sensitive about being sent to a residential care facility. This may trigger feelings of rejection by family members.
  • Difficulty in Adjusting to New Setup — Unlike in-home care where they are surrounded by familiar objects, your elderly loved ones will have to make major adjustments just to ease into a residential care centre.

What Is Home Care?

Home care is much like residential care. However, instead of sending the elderly to a care centre, the care is given right at the comforts of their homes. Team members from an aged care provider will be the ones visiting the residents in their homes and provide them with the needed care.

Home care aims to help your loved ones maintain their quality of life in an environment that is familiar to them. It also aims to ensure their safety and comfort while receiving adequate aged care services.


After all these pros and cons are presented, it is now time for you and your family to decide which type of aged care is best for you. Always include your elderly loved ones in the decision-making process. They should be allowed to make informed choices about the type of care that will work for them. As the main support system of the elderly, there is nothing you want most than to provide them with comfort at this stage in their lives.

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