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Questions That Every Professional Courier Service Should Be Able To Answer

Selecting the right courier service is absolutely essential. It won’t matter how efficient your customer service is or how perfectly the goods have been packed; but if the goods are not delivered where and when they should be, then all your efforts are futile. The process of inspecting courier services can be rather overwhelming, and there are hundreds of questions that could be running through your mind. Will your packages be delivered safely? Will they arrive at the right time and the right place? Can your company afford their services?

To make sure that you have the best possible courier service on your side, you need to get satisfactory answers to all your questions. This article will give you a few of the most important questions that every courier service should be able to answer.

What is Your Track Record?

Successful courier services are those that are able to fulfill their shipping obligations. If a company is able to fulfill these obligations, it will certainly have happy clients. So, to determine the company’s past record, you should ask for references. A professional courier service should have a list of past clients and be willing to provide it to you. When you call the references, be sure to ask about the courier’s quality of services.

Do You Have Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Goods can be stolen, lost or damaged during transit, and it is essential for them to be protected against such eventualities. Your courier service must be insured. On top of that, you should ask what the insurance covers. Does it cover damaged, lost and stolen items? It is also advisable to have the insurance guarantee on your goods done in writing.

Are Your Employees Bonded?

This is a very important question that you shouldn’t overlook. Bonding means that the company is going to take liability for any crime committed by their employee. For instance, if your goods are stolen by an employee, you will deal with the company and it is the one to cater for the financial loss.

What are Your Delivery Hours?

Don’t assume that your delivery company is a full-time service. Well, many courier services operate all hours all days, but some don’t offer 24/7, weekend and holiday deliveries. Essentially, you should pick a company that matches your needs. If you require after-hour deliveries, the courier should be providing odd hours deliveries including weekend and holiday deliveries.

What is the Cost of Your Services?

Delivery costs vary among couriers. Choose a courier service that is within your reach and provides value for your money. Get quotes from a number of couriers and compare the prices. The quotes should have a breakdown of the services being covered by the price so know what you’re paying for. But don’t fall for the lowest bidder – it might not be offering the best service.

There are many more questions to ask your prospective courier company, but the list provided above should give you a good start on your search.