Wedding Cinematography 101

With the popularity of wedding cinematography services, there emerged a wide range of videography styles and techniques used by professionals. These unique styles serve as the distinctive quality for each videography team. However, the basic shots captured during a wedding remain the same – only the technique of capturing them is what varies. Before a skilled videographer can capture the fancy stuff, they must be able to capture the basic stuff first.

Before the Ceremony

A Vancouver wedding cinematography team should include the following shots in the final wedding video:

• Preparation: It is important to capture the bride and her bridesmaid while getting dressed. A few important details should be included in the video such as the bouquets, the bride getting onto her bridal gown, hair and makeup (for the bride and bridesmaids), and candid shots of the bridal party at the suite as they enjoy the moments before the ceremony.

• Ceremony venue: It is also a must to include the church or other ceremony venue in the video. This will highlight the solemnity of the ceremony that is about to take place in that venue. Skilled videographers will also capture detail shots of the decoration at the venue.

• Wedding party’s arrival: A dramatic entrance of the bridal car and the bridal party heading into the ceremony is an essential detail in the wedding video. One of the most important shots during the ceremony is the bride walking down the aisle.

During the Ceremony

The wedding cinematography Vancouver team should keep a continuous shot of the entire ceremony. Of course, this would be edited in the final wedding film. However, it is important to record the entire ceremony to be able to easily edit the film to include the highlights of the ceremony in the finished product. Aside from the bride and groom, a video should also be captured to showcase the guests and the rest of the bridal party.

After the Ceremony

This is the most exciting and fun part of the whole wedding video coverage. The mood switches from serious to solemn from the ceremony to fun and wild at the wedding reception. Like the ceremony venue, there should be exterior shots of the reception venue to be included in the film. This part of the video coverage does not come with any hard and fast rules. However, the wedding dance, opening of gifts, and other traditional activities like cake cutting, garter removal and toss, and best man’s toast should be included.

To be able to tell the story of the bride and groom, it is important to include shots of the romantic moments between the couple. If the wedding cinematography team captures candid moments of the two, that is even better to create a more authentic vibe to the wedding film!

Each wedding videography team has their own style. However, it is important that the basic details as highlighted above are captured on film. If you want to see samples of an artistic and cinematic wedding video, you can visit Life Studios Inc.’s website and see their portfolio here: HTTP://LIFESTUDIOSINC.COM/CINEMATOGRAPHY/WEDDING-CINEMATOGRAPHY-VANCOUVER/

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