25 Must See Movies My All Time Favorites

1) Scream ? the best movie EVER. A near perfect film i believe 2) Scream 2 ? pretty darn beneficial to a sequel ? witty, intense, with likeable characters and great dialogue. 3) King Kong ? the remake by Peter Jackson, which got panned by the large amount of people, is one of my faves. It?s amazing tips on how to feel sympathy for the computer-generated ape. And there?s a massively cool Kong/T-Rex fight that proceeds for like 10 mins.

4) Little Children– This slow-building drama about infidelity, pedophilia, and finding your own happiness is completely mesmerizing and everyone gives wonderful performances. Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson are perfect within their roles. 5) Dawn from the Dead– the remake by Zack Snyder (who also did 300 and Watchmen) took the basic idea in the original with four people held in a mall throughout a zombie apocalypse and expanded it. Pure awesomeness.

6) Rob Zombie?s Halloween ? I don?t know why many people hated this. I completely respect Zombie as being a director and think he did a stellar job. I will always defend this movie in the haters.7) Halloween (original)- still creeps me out to this very day using its simple imagery and score. Nothing has ever topped it. 8) The Goonies ? I knew as a kid this movie, and surprisingly it still stands up today. I could watch this movie repeatedly also it never gets old. They definitely don?t make ?em this way anymore.

9) Finding Nemo ? my personal favorite Pixar film and simply a fantastic film in general. Something both regardless of how alike can engage in. No Pixar film yet has dethroned this movie from my #1 spot. 10) Clueless ? Alicia Silverstone?s best movie. Still funny and the satire is great. I watch it every time it?s on TV though I own it on DVD. 11, 12, 13) Lord in the Rings trilogy ? for me, three from the best fantasy films ever produced. Peter Jackson hit near-perfection when he shot these. 14, 1 5, 16) Final Destination I,II, and III ? silly, gory fun. The Final Destination movies are just like the fast food of horror movies ? quick and delicious. It never gets old watching people die in gloriously unique ways. 17) Marley and Me ? if you?ve ever owned and lost a pet you are going to adore this movie. I?m a blubbering mess each time I watch it.

18) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ? this can be Michael Bay and his awesome production company?s best remake up to now. Brutal and unforgiving.19) Boogie Nights– A fascinating, epic look at one man?s descent to the realm of porn. I think this can be the most popular Mark Wahlberg role. 20) The King Full Movie ? awesome American 2019 upcoming film. Robert Pattinson is stunning here and also the movie is beautifully shot. 21) The Hangover ? funniest movie I?ve observed in a LONG time. I can?t wait to obtain this on DVD and view it again. 22) Stepbrothers ? my personal favorite Will Ferrell movie. Hilarious.

23) Hairspray– I love the stage production how the movie is based on so naturally I love the movie too. I had my doubt about John Travolta but he is fantastic in drag and completely pulls from the character. 24) Jurassic Park– I’ll never forget the wonder I felt when seeing this baby for the silver screen the first time. And eventhough it contains the least action out of all three Jurassic Park movies (it’s no less than one hour in the movie before you decide to really even obtain a examine the dinosaurs), it’s still my favorite.25) Friday the 13th – the 2009 remake had everything a Friday film really should have. So much fun.

By: Frank Bilotta